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In the last ten years I’ve written hundreds (thousands?) of pieces published both in print and online, mostly for corporate clients. The good thing about corporate communications? No shortage of work. The not as good thing? You usually don’t get bylined for what you write. And when you write for internal publications, you can’t share a link with potential clients. I’ve saved a few PDFs below and linked where possible.

If what’s below doesn’t align with your needs, I’m willing to bet I can show you a sample that will. Email at dboothsummers at gmail dot com.

Throwback Thursday: Snail-mail sleuthing for Mayo Clinic’s In the Loop blog.

2011 Mayo Clinic annual report – CEO letter

Patient story: A village to save Aisha

Caring Partners patient story: A legacy in LEGOS

Shields magazine feature: Mayo and the military

Shields magazine CEO column 2012


Summers, Deborah Booth. “Fear and Loathing in New Orleans: the Space of Fear in Christine Wiltz’s Glass House.” Mississippi Quarterly, 62:4, 621-632.

–. Alumna inspired by class she took with award-winning novelist. University of Richmond  School of Arts and Sciences.

–. Breast milk project earns kudos. Post-Bulletin. 23 August 2008. Rochester, MN.

–. First Homes broadens homeownership opportunities in Rochester. Community Dividend. November 2008. Minneapolis, MN: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

–. Ninth District community developers use green innovations to help make housing affordable. Community Dividend. October 2010. Minneapolis, MN: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

–. “Pregnant Possibilities: The Boundary-shattering Transformation of the Caribbean Woman in Erna Brodber’s Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home and Wilson Harris’s The Whole Armour.” Journal of West Indian Literature, 16:1, 1-15.
Cited here.


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