Thrift store finds

Barbara Kingsolver The Lacuna

Ken Follett Jackdaws
World Without End

Sarah Dunant The Birth of Venus

Kaye Gibbons A Virtuous Woman

Melinda Haynes Mother of Pearl

Diana Gabaldon Drums of Autumn
A Breath of Snow and Ashes 
(both from the Outlander series)

Total price = $18.00. Thanks, Mom for the wonderful gifts, and thanks to the people who found it in their hearts to part with such fantastic literature. I am most excited about the Kay Gibbons (loved Ellen Foster) and Melinda Haynes.


One thought on “Thrift store finds

  1. cozinefamily says:

    You are going to love Outlander. Well, I hope you will. Start at the beginning! Drums of Autumn and Breath of Snow and Ashes are two of my favorites. I’m starting A Song of Fire and Ice as soon as I finish the last Dragon Tattoo book.

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