How to work from home

I’m often inspired by Heather Armstrong’s blog,, and her unabashed honesty about everything from twitter feuds to her psychiatric hospitalization for postpartum depression. I just checked my google reader (a life changer, for those of us with a long list of daily distractions), and today’s post is just what I needed. Head over to vimeo to watch the video if you can’t see it on her site. In my two (almost 3) short months of working from home, I’ve discovered the following:

1. No matter how bad the morning breath, it’s possible to forget to brush your teeth if chewing sugar-free gum is part of your writing process.
2. Waking up at 5:30 is useless if at 6:30 you decide to “nap.”
3. Naps. I have gone four straight days without one but have yet to make it through an entire week. On the bright side, if I nap from 2-3 I can work an extra hour that night. If I call it a siesta, it’s hip, right?
4. Dogs are great listeners but aren’t much on feedback. So far, my best idea has been that time I took them to Cook Out for chicken nuggets.
5. Hair appointments, doctor visits, lunches are infinitely easier to schedule but can derail an entire day.
6. It’s tough to make time for the gym when it’s no longer across the street from the office.
7. I am a messy person.
8. Editing in bed leads to naps.


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