Plastic Surgery

Challenge: remove any item in your refrigerator and freezer wrapped or contained in plastic. Now, make lunch.

Hungry yet? Maybe you had pickles from a glass jar, soda from an aluminum can, maybe even a loose apple rolling around in the bottom drawer? The plastic bottom drawer?

According to CNN, Jean Healge lives plastic-free. She bakes her own bread. Taking a cue from Ke$ha, she brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack — or homemade toothpaste made from vodka. She buys staples like rice and flour in bulk at Whole Foods and gets her produce from the farmer’s market. She doesn’t use plastic produce bags or tupperware. After 2.5 years of work, she’s almost plastic-free. Jean argues that anyone can eliminate some plastics from their lives, even if they don’t have time to bake their own bread from scratch.

Eliminating plastics from the kitchen is daunting; from life, almost impossible. I’d like to know what she uses to brush her teeth, call her friends and dry her hair. Watch her discuss her strategies on CNN.

Her extreme but healthy strategy allows for only two exceptions: ketchup and mustard. Bring on the homemade hot dogs.


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