Ten Reasons Why Twitter > Facebook

1. You don’t need to read 12 sets of Fall Out Boy lyrics on a person’s profile to know they’re not in a great mood. 140 characters of “Daddy wanted me to be an investment banker, but I like eyeliner and moody music” will do.

2. Twitpic ensures only one of the fifteen pictures your aunt took of her dog chasing its tail makes it to your realm of consciousness.

3. No one judges you for posting your pointless inner thoughts at a rate of one post/hour. On facebook, that gets you “hidden” (if, in fact, users have discovered how to hide friends from their newsfeed). On Twitter, that gets you followers.

4. Following perfect strangers on Twitter is perfectly normal. On Facebook it’s downright creeptastic.

5. Fail whale beats Mark Zuckerberg reading from his PR notes on NPR on why he’s selling your personal information but no really he’s not! any day.

6. Search tweets by topic or trend and find hilarity or ingenuity from perfect strangers and familiar names in big industries. Search Facebook posts by topic and find… “community pages” with information copy/pasted from Wikipedia.

7. No Farmville.

8. Twitter doesn’t use your gender or age to show you ads about the cookie diet, anti-cellulite cream or waxing discounts.

9. No one can tag you in a photo for which you don’t remember posing.

10. Twitter privacy: one choice, public or private. Facebook privacy: 170 choices automatically set to “show my first grade teacher my spring break pics!”.


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